Silver Filigree Casket
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Silver Filigree Casket

São Roque

Date 17th century

Period 1600-1750, 17th century

Origin India, Goa

Medium silver

Dimension 17.02 x 9.91 x 9.91 cm (6⁷/₁₀ x 3⁹/₁₀ x 3⁹/₁₀ inches)

505,0 g. rectangular shaped casket, likely to have been manufactured by one of the major Goan workshops, whose artistic and aesthetic significance is defined by the unusual three lobed lid and the sophisticated and elaborate decoration, further enriched by the exuberant blossoming lotus flower locking mechanism.
The two size types of applied lotus flowers are outlined by flattened silver threads, the smaller type of hollowed petal design, and the larger by overlapping filigree filled petals, all crowned by plain silver pearls. On the back the large leaf design is outlined by a thicker and more robust silver thread. The 'C' shaped side handles are joined to the case frame by small flowers. The casket is supported on four flattened spheres, each formed by two superimposed curved corollae

Date: 17th century

Period: 1600-1750, 17th century

Origin: India, Goa

Medium: silver

Dimension: 17.02 x 9.91 x 9.91 cm (6⁷/₁₀ x 3⁹/₁₀ x 3⁹/₁₀ inches)

Provenance: Private Collection

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