Mughal Green Glass Rosewater Sprinkler
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Mughal Green Glass Rosewater Sprinkler

Amir Mohtashemi Ltd.

Date 18th century

Period 1600-1750, 1750-1850, 18th century

Origin India

Medium Moulded blown green glass, gilt decoration

Dimension 15 cm (5⁷/₈ inches)

A moulded and blown green glass rosette-shaped flask with gilt decoration, cylindrical neck and splayed foot. The shape of this rosewater sprinkler, called gulabpash, is inspired from Indian silver metalwork shapes. For an example, see J.H. Rivett-Carnac, On Some Specimens of Indian Metalwork, The Journal of Indian Art, Vol. IX, No. 74, 1902, pl. 72. This rosette form appears to be unparalleled; however, similar coloured green blown glass with gilt decoration can be seen in the form of huqqa bases. See the Al-Sabah Collection in the Kuwait National Museum, Accession number LNS 73 G, and The British Museum, Accession number 1961, 1016.1, and the Victoria and Albert Museum, Accession number IM. 15-1930.

Stock no.: A4022

Date: 18th century

Period: 1600-1750, 1750-1850, 18th century

Origin: India

Medium: Moulded blown green glass, gilt decoration

Dimension: 15 cm (5⁷/₈ inches)

Provenance: Private German Collection

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